Couples in Creative

February 14, 2023

Individual roles and how we balance them:
As partners at Skaggs Creative, we have our separate roles within our Agency to make sure that we don’t overlap our tasks too much and we try not to discuss each other’s task lists as we trust each other that things will get done/taken care of properly and on time.

Bradley handles the overall strategy and creative direction and is the “front man” of the agency, handling most of our client relations. He also runs the photo studio, where he does creative product shots for both e-comm and other marketing channels for our clients.

Jonina handles everything design related and is the art director + puppet master in the studio. Nothing goes out the door to our clients unless she gives the final creative direction and design/layout blessing.

We didn’t have children, so our Agency became our baby and we handled it with utter care and have tried to live a healthy life/work balance (as business owners, sometimes work takes more time of our day than we’d like to).
The glue in our relationship is architecture, design and travel as these are both our passions and we travel a lot – we have been to over 35 countries and lived in 4 (Iceland, Germany, Luxembourg and the US).

Last but not least, believe it or not, we actually met on Valentine’s Day during college, both studying Architecture.

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