BIOEFFECT - Website Redesign

BIOEFFECT - Website Redesign

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Hired by BIOEFFECT to oversee the company’s US launch, including its web presence and brand voice, we designed and developed a custom Shopify theme for their website. Focused on promoting and selling BIOEFFECT products in the US and worldwide, the website provided detailed explanations of the science behind the brand, making the technology concise and accessible, thereby broadening its appeal. In a clear, sophisticated, yet slightly impish tone, the website told the brand’s story, from its early years to its distinct, Icelandic character to its sustainable, state-of-the-art greenhouse. It also provided remarkable before and after testimonies and photos as well as regular features on science, skincare, and technology. The website is a clear, user-friendly, e-commerce gateway for the US market.


  • Art Director Jonina Skaggs
  • Creative Director Bradley Skaggs
  • Designer April McMullan
  • Developer Caleb Faruki, Michael Crawbuck

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