Skaggs began as a graphic design studio in San Francisco in 1998, with Microsoft and NASA as our first clients. By 2000, when we opened our New York office, we’d grown into an award-winning, branding agency, and since we’ve grown into a full-service branding and digital agency with an international portfolio of clients. Currently a core team of ten, we also work with a pool of talented creatives (writers, filmmakers, photographers, and stylists) to build teams capable of any task. Today, we continue to thrive at making brands heard, seen and known.

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. – Phil Jackson

Since Jackson is considered one of the greatest coaches in the history of the National Basketball Association, we’re willing to take his word on this one. Our team is the heart of this company. We believe that the best creative work is the product of collaboration, so we work collectively on all of our projects. As a result, we know each other pretty well at this point. In short, design mavens, fashion enthusiasts, word nerds, and culture vultures.

We believe in the marriage of form and function, style and substance, rhythm and motion. We don’t shy away from complexity. We believe that typography can be a spiritual experience, that humor is an essential spice, and that life is better when things just work. We don’t need to run the show, we simply want to make sure that it looks and sounds amazing.

Jonina Skaggs

Jonina Skaggs.

Partner & Art Director

Jonina is a native of Iceland and Skaggs’ Art Director. Upon completing her studies in architecture, Jonina completed a Master’s in branding and design. After working at some of San Francisco’s most notable agencies, Jonina and Bradley established Skaggs Creative, moving it to New York City two years later. Understanding the specific requirements of effective branding for a diverse range of businesses, including high-tech, hospitality, fashion, beauty, and fragrance, has been the key to her success, and to Skaggs’ numerous awards. Jonina has shaped a design sensibility and an aesthetic that is simultaneously aspirational, beautiful, and effective. On all project elements, she considers both the macro and micro — firmly believing that perspective and proportion are essential to shape and content. A European sensibility and a concise American directness work together to further her vision. Jonina is also a passionate educator, teaching marketing and communications at the University of Iceland, and branding and packaging at the College of Arts and Crafts in Northern Iceland.

Bradley Skaggs

Bradley Skaggs.

Partner & Creative Director

After completing his B .A. in architecture, Bradley worked on several urban planning and architectural projects in Germany and Luxembourg and began to embrace two design axioms: “form follows function” and “less is more.” Then in 1998, he and Jonina created SKAGGS Creative, where he serves as Creative Director. The agency’s ability to offer a wide-ranging branding knowledge and experience has earned them numerous industry awards for excellence and design innovation.

By digging into the essence of a brand, Bradley works to develop verbal and visual identities as well as insightful marketing and communication strategies. Additionally, he is a professional product photographer, employing his skills to further unify and focus a brand’s identity. Working on all aspects of a brand architecture has solidified Bradley’s core belief about memorable branding.