Chef Daniel Holzman

July 31, 2013

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you were to woo someone with meatballs, how would you do it?

I could have a meatball thermos, a specially made meatball thermos, and always have meatballs on me. That way if I ran into somebody, I could pop out a meatball, just in case. Or I could have a lunchbox. Lunchboxes are big enough, and battery-technology is sophisticated enough, that you could have a lightweight lunchbox with a heating element and a battery. You could have warm or hot balls to order, so they wouldn’t be overcooked.


What are three ingredients you would like to try in a meatball, and how would you try them?

  1. Foie gras. I would really like to make one fancy ball, like a foie gras and black truffle meatball. It would be good. And also Daniel, the chef, thinks it’s the douchebag of all ingredients, so it would be funny.
  2. Monkfish. I would do a bouillabaisse monkfish flavored ball. That would be really big. Monkfish has the right meatball texture, and I love bouillabaisse flavor.
  3. Antelope balls. Just for the fun of it. We did reindeer balls last year for Christmas. We called them Jingle Balls. They were 100% reindeer, and that way, when people asked, we could say, “Where do you think Santa’s helpers go to retire?”
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