Charlotte Tilbury: Makeup

Makeup is the heart of Charlotte Tilbury’s business, so SKAGGS devised numerous creative directions for various products, all the while hewing to a unifying, stylish, and playful vision. These products include Matte Revolution lipsticks, Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation, Hot Lips, Instant Look in a Palette, and Legendary Lashes mascara. Website banner refreshes, full product pages, and email campaigns supported each makeup product launch and highlighted the unique features that set Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup line apart from those in a very crowded playing field. With the launch of Magic Foundation, for instance, SKAGGS created an intuitive online tool to help customers to determine their perfect shade of foundation. For each product, SKAGGS devised and articulated various tools to help the consumer pick his or her perfect shade. Again, in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the website, SKAGGS found ways to make these tools fun and appealing while providing useful information.

What We Did

  • Digital
  • Product Launch
  • Product Photography

Who Contributed

  • Art Director - Jonina Skaggs
  • Creative Director - Bradley Skaggs
  • Designer - Marine Reliquet