Madelaine Chocolate Company: Brand

Founded in 1949, the Madelaine Chocolate Company had an amazing story to tell, one of a family-owned and run business, and Skaggs stepped in to help them tell it. Skaggs helped the company overhaul their brand identity to focus on the remarkable story behind this New York institution. Using a concrete yet whimsical visual style, Skaggs highlighted the company’s beginning, the adventure of two brothers-in-law, Henry Kaye and Jack Gold, who struck out on their own in post-World War II New York and founded a chocolate company inspired by the best European chocolatiers. Skaggs included family photos as well as photos of the early days manufacturing their specialty chocolates, testaments to the company’s enduring appeal. Skaggs also designed new floor shoppers, catalogues, and product packaging to both complement the brand’s new look and emphasize the nearly universal joy that chocolate elicits.   

What We Did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding
  • Collateral
  • Identity
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Website Development