In an age where it seems like every doctor is coming out with a skincare brand, the key to any brand’s success is how it delineates itself from its competitors. This was Skagg Creative’s challenge with Virginskin, an anti-aging skincare brand created by renowned Manhattan dermatologist, Dr. Albert Lefkovits. Skaggs began by developing the skincare line’s brand essence, focusing on its natural ingredients and proven track record in reducing fine lines and redness. Virginskin is unusual in that the company decided to do just one thing well: their light, efficient, anti-aging cream absorbs quickly and is made with plant extracts and botanicals. From there, we devised the brand’s key messaging. The brand’s unique strength was then reinforced and further developed on their website, which Skaggs designed, including a website page that explains the benefits of each ingredient. Skaggs also designed the outer packaging design and shot extensive product photography, further facilitating a unified, crisp, and accessible vision.

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What We Did

  • Art Direction
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • E-comm Development
  • Packaging
  • Product Photography
  • Website Development