diptyque - Volutes

diptyque - Volutes


Diptyque’s founders were serious travelers—we’d even go so far as to call them adventurers. Volutes was inspired by a trip that Yves, one of the founders, made from Marseille to Saigon in 1923. We wanted our design to pay tribute to that journey, which, at that time, must have been no small undertaking. X, a well-known French illustrator, created an animation that gives a sense of the experience, and we married that with an interface that allows the visitor to trace Yves’ steps across the world and learn about the flowers and spices that inspired the fragrance.


  • Creative Director Bradley Skaggs
  • Art Director Jonina Skaggs
  • Designer Mark Respicio
  • Designer Daniel Beaton
  • Web Developer ACADACA
diptyque - Volutes

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