Diptyque: Fragrance

While perhaps most famous for their candles, diptyque is also an equally prestigious fragrance house, specializing in the kind of unusual, romantic, and evocative scents (many of which are unisex) that become instant classics. Inspired by travel, memories, and ideas, these include such bestsellers as Philosykos, L’Ombre dans l’Eau, and Do Son. With perfumes as inimitable and lush as diptyque’s SKAGGS determined that each scent should be presented individually, varying from eloquent, single images to more exploratory, in-depth web experiences. With Do Son, SKAGGS focused on telling the story of the memory that inspired it: one of the original owner’s childhood recollection of a garden in bloom during a hot, humid day in the Vietnamese seaside town of Do Son. For Volutes, SKAGGS designed an entire story experience around the 1930s ocean voyage from Marseille to Saigon that inspired it. Though fragrances are ineffable and often difficult to describe, SKAGGS found a way to tell each fragrance’s unique story.

What We Did

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