Leather Spa

Gone are the days of the dingy, hole-in-the-wall shoe repair stand. The aptly-named Leather Spa offers a premium service, including nearly miraculous transformations of worn or damaged leather goods as well as online pickup and delivery options. Our redesign of Leather Spa’s website reflects both their old world tradition of craftsmanship as well as a thoroughly twenty-first century array of services, including a website repair wizard, e-commerce section, and online pickup and delivery options. We created an easily navigable and informative website for which we shot aesthetically pleasing images to convey the company’s artistry, skill, and pride in excellent service.

What We Did

  • Photography
  • Website Development

Who Contributed

  • Art Director - Jonina Skaggs
  • Creative Director - Bradley Skaggs
  • Designer - Jana Papiernikova
  • Web Developer - Caleb Faruki