Embelleze Rio: Novex

Tasked with reconfiguring one of Embelleze Rio’s product lines after its initially poor reception in the North American market, Skaggs realized the brand needed a complete label makeover to appeal to US consumers. Brazilian-based haircare manufacturer and producer Embelleze Rio is the most popular haircare line in both its home country and the rest of South America. Skaggs “North Americanized” the labels by creating a streamlined yet playful design which retains the brilliant colors and tropical aesthetic associated with Brazil. Skaggs’ new labels for the entire Novex line of coconut oil hair products (shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioning hair mask, and leave-in conditioner) was so successful that Ebelleze chose to use for their worldwide packaging. The popular new labels have created enormous brand awareness for Novex as well as substantial interest in the entire product line.

What We Did

  • Packaging