Össur: Bracing + Support M+As

As Össur expanded exponentially, quickly buying ten bracing and support companies, they called on Skaggs for branding and communication help. This time, an extensive, top-to-bottom project began with a comprehensive strategy on how to introduce the new acquisitions to the public. Skaggs developed a product naming structure and guideline, as well as a graphic standards guide on how to integrate the Össur logo into the logo of the newly-acquired brands. Skaggs then created an internal corporate brand structure presentation to facilitate understanding of the acquisitions within the company. Skaggs designed targeted ad campaigns for each of the new brands, including introductions to the brand mergers in important medical, peer-reviewed, international journals. A direct mail, postcard marketing campaign was also deployed to introduce each new division, as well as each new product, to orthopedic, physical therapy, and sports medicine professionals. For international trade shows, Skaggs designed a two-story booth so that amputees could demonstrate walking up an incline wearing Össur prosthetics, as well as life-size posters for the booths and smaller, informational posters for medical offices. Rising to the challenge, Skaggs created a unifying, cohesive strategy for an extremely intricate project. 

What We Did

  • Art Direction
  • Collateral
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Direction
  • Marketing Strategy