Among the most inspiring companies we’ve worked with, Össur is a global orthopedic company that began small and became—in a manner of speaking!—bionic. Founded in Reykjavik in 1971 by Össur Kristinsson, an Icelandic prosthetist, the family-run company initially manufactured shoe insoles for people with legs of different lengths. The company grew rapidly, first expanding its bracing and support product line, then acquiring several companies, including those specialized in compression therapy, and eventually developing bionic technology prosthetics before going public in 1999. Össur has constantly strived to be at the forefront of research and development while also pledging itself to corporate social responsibility. With such a multifaceted, complex product line, Össur sought out Skaggs for help developing and conveying its brand image to the public. In what became an extensive, three-part project, Skaggs handled the identity and branding of their Bionics technology, their numerous acquisitions, and finally, helping them establish their Össur Asia presence. 

What We Did