TOTO: Faucet Launch

For the US launch of TOTO faucets and china basins, SKAGGS organized and executed two shoots. The first was for the original faucet launch, and it included an installation of the faucets in TOTO’s showroom. The other shoot was inspired by the very cities that inspired TOTO’s faucet designs. Working from classic vistas of American cities, TOTO designed faucets recalling elements of New York City (New York 1 and New York 2), Chicago, and Los Angeles. Responsible for all creative elements of the second shoot, SKAGGS designed all concepts, shoot vignettes, and art direction. Both shoots showcased both TOTO’s innovative design as well as its technological advances, both of which have revolutionized a relatively unknown industry.

What We Did

  • Collateral
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Photography

Who Contributed

  • Art Director - Jonina Skaggs
  • Creative Director - Bradley Skaggs
  • Designers -